Our pricing mostly depends on what you want to do here at Glynhir: We are able to discuss your needs and budget to work out a suitable pricing option for your group or activity. Our standard base rate pricing fixture is below. Depending on the group’s needs, type of catering, and time of year will adjust this base rate accordingly. 

  • £40 for a basic stay per head (No catering - self catered - this option excludes the use of the house. The restaurant can be hired out at a rate of £150 per day which includes a small commercial kitchen).
  • £45 for a basic stay per head plus a lunch of soup and bread.
  • £55 for a basic stay per head plus a basic full breakfast menu and lunch.
  • £65 for a basic stay per head plus breakfast, lunch and two course dinner.
  • £15 per person non-accommodation fee for those attending but not staying over night. Catering charges are added if the attendee stays for meals. 

All accommodation includes access to the artist’s studio, hay barn rehearsal and performance space within the set base prices.

Towels can be provided at £7 per set.

Laundry service is £11 per load (washed, tumble dried and folded).

Packed lunches from £6.

For more information or to contact us to talk about your course or workshop, please use our contact form provided or the email address at the bottom of this web page.