Latest News
Testing our new E-Invoicing Portal
In February 2018 we announced the launch of a new e-invoicing portal which we are rolling out from 27 August 2018. 


Find attached a customer letter which offers customers the opportunity to test the new portal from 30 July 2018.


To assist you with using the portal, we have developed a useful technical guide and some FAQs which you can find on our eInvoicing page.


If you would like to test the new portal please contact your Account Director.

Mixing Supply Chain IDs Trial
We are pleased to announce the launch of a trial which gives customers the opportunity to test mixing Mailmark mailing items posted against different Supply Chain IDs (SCIDs) in a container.  The trial starts from 10 September 2018 and runs for 6 months from your first posting date. For details of the specification and terms and conditions of the trial, click here.
If you meet the qualifying criteria and wish to participate in Phase 1 of the trial please contact your Access Account Director. 

New Magazine Subscription Mail Service
We are pleased to announce the launch of the Access Magazine Subscription Mail service, designed to meet the needs of publishers of consumer and business magazines in addition to membership and brand magazines.  The service will be available from January 2019.

To effect the introduction of the Magazine Subscription Mail service from 2 January 2019, we are introducing a new Schedule 24: Magazine Subscription Mail to the Access Letters Contract.  Access Letters Contact change notice (number 044) and User Guide amendment notice (number 049) details the changes to the Access Letters Contract

See the customer letter here which provides further details about the new service and the change notices. We also provide responses to some FAQs on the User Guide page of the website. 

We shall post a copy of this letter and the Access Letters Contract change notice today to your nominated commercial contact.

Access Mail for GY & JE Postcode Areas
To improve efficiencies within our delivery network, we are changing the circulation of Access mail for the GY & JE Postcode Areas from Dorset Mail Center to Nottingham Mail Center with effect from 30 July 2018.


Please find attached a letter explaining the change and announcing the release of a new CFL file.

Making GDPR an opportunity for mail

GDPR is designed to revise the collection, use and retention of personal data. Whilst many changes will be introduced, using mail more will help you strengthen your customer relationships.


Download our free guide to help you turn GDPR into an opportunity.


Our GDPR incentive proposes 12 ways your customer can use mail to communicate to their customers in a post GDPR world. New mailings/tests will qualify for the testing and innovation incentive.


Download the GDPR incentive proposition.

Setting up Mailmark participants and Supply Chain IDs

Since June 2017, we have been discussing with you how best to resolve non-compliant supply chains that were set up pre-June 2017.

We have listened and considered all customer comments and concerns to guide us in developing solutions that make it easier to use Mailmark. In March 2018, your account director shared with you a final draft of our solutions.

The attached letter confirms the way we will work with customers on creating new supply chains which we have formalised into a guidelines document that we have today published on the Mailmark page of our website.