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At Glynhir we like to support our local businesses, the coffee we provide is roasted bean from Coal Town Coffee, located just across from us, and our loose leaf tea is blended in Fishguard by Chantler Teas. We also purchase our cheese truckles from Pant Mawr Farmhouse Pembrokeshire.




We grow as much of our own local produce as we can, so much of our catering is seasonally harvested to bring our visitors the best and freshest of ingredients. Out of season we rely on our frozen, jarred or dried stores of fruits and vegetables to continue providing our local homegrown goods. The pork we provide is reared in our farmyard, we bring in pigs for this purpose every two years.


Long Valley is committed to a sustainable eco-friendly culture, we do our best to leave a minimal carbon footprint, and ensure that this lovely countryside we are blessed with remains as spectacular and beautiful as it already is. Therefore we hope that you also acknowledge this ethos with goodwill and respect to our environment.

Our recycling methodology is a work in progress and it is easy for people who travel away from their own homes to sometimes dismiss best practices they might normally keep. Bearing this in mind, we provide recycling units that accommodate a compact amount of waste, we also provide kitchen waste caddies for compost. We would appreciate it, whilst at Glynhir, these principles of preserving our environment were actively pursued. We have a recycling plant just around the corner, so if you do find yourself with more waste than we can accommodate, we ask that you dispose of this extra waste personally.

As with physical waste, our commitment to reducing electricity waste is also a high priority. We ask that if lights are not being used that they are switched off. We provide a dark sky area here at Glynhir for the benefit of all the wildlife, which means we don’t have an excessive amount of outside night lighting. Gradually we are replacing all our light fittings with LED bulbs, this is an expensive process but we hope that it contributes to protecting our landscape. As technology allows we will adopt what we can to reduce the carbon footprint contributed by electricity usage.